Exam Instructions

Note: We DO NOT publish any of our customers' information including exam results. We respect your privacy. Only you can access your data. So, please use your genuine information while you sign up so that instead of allocating our resources to fight spam, we can use it to provide a great service to our genuine customers.

Instructions for exam registration

Automatic registration process is still under construction. For now, here are the steps you should take to register for exam.

  1. Sign Up using your genuine information.
  2. Upcoming exams can be viewed here.
  3. Contact Subham management to register for your desired exam.

Instructions to start exam

  1. Click on "Exam" on the main menu.
  2. Click on "Start" on the start exam block.
  3. You will see a popup. Enter coupon code if you have it at hand, else click on "See my coupons."
  4. You should see the active coupon with a green button. Click on "Use this coupon."

Instructions while giving exam

  1. Do not worry about losing your exam progress. Every time you press buttons such as "Previous", "Next", "Save", or question number buttons, we save your progress.
  2. If you run out of time, the system will automatically submit your progress. You will not lose the answers.
  3. You will see exam question numbers in different colors. Here are the meaning of the colors:
    • Grey (looks like: 1) : This is the current active question number.
    • Yellow (looks like: 2): These are the questions you have not seen yet.
    • White (looks like: 3): If you open a question, but didn't select any answer for whatever reason and moved on to next question, the question number will be indexed in white color. You can come back to white questions later.
    • Red (looks like: 4): If you opened and selected an answer, but you are confused and you might want to revisit it at the end if you have more time. To make it red, you have to click on "will come back later" button on top of the question.
    • Green (looks like: 5): if you select an answer and move to a new question, it is colored as green.